pocket full

of stars

A novel

the story

A kickass scifi mystery

about love, art, and magic

It’s Earth. The far future. And Galaxy Greg, an interstellar nightclub magician, is fed up. He craves adventure, the open road. He wants to remember how it felt when he was a kid, when magic seemed real. He’s about to get a taste—and he’ll be lucky if he gets out alive.

When a mysterious stranger named K shows him the greatest magic act he’s ever seen, Greg’s life changes forever. After the show, Greg is trying to guess K’s secrets when a red-headed stranger slams his car into theirs. He kills K. He kills himself. And he frames Greg for both crimes.

Running from the law, pursued by a shotgun-toting bounty hunter, Greg takes refuge on a ship captained by his ex Yoshi Falk—the only person he’s ever loved. They carve a desperate path across the stars as Greg tries to clear his name, learn the true nature of K’s magic, and avoid falling in love.

Written by acclaimed mystery novelist W.M. Akers, author of the Westside trilogy, Pocket Full of Stars is a murderous scifi romp where wit and excitement drip from every page.

the first chapter

the author

W.M. Akers is a novelist, playwright, and game designer. He is the author of the mystery novels Critical Hit, Westside, Westside Saints, and Westside Lights; the creator of the bestselling games Deadball: Baseball With Dice and Comrades: A Revolutionary RPG; and the curator of the newsletters Strange Times and Strange Pulp. He lives in Philadelphia, but hasn’t traded in his Mets cap yet.

Learn more about his work at wmakers.net.

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A modern pulp serial

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Pocket Full of Stars is being serialized in the weird literary journal Strange Pulp. New issues come every two weeks—each with an original cover. Subscribe now and read it for free.

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